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Home Owner Association

The Eastlake Homeowner's Association strives to preserve property values. It works to ensure all properties are attractive and consistent with each other. Without covenant enforcement, one home left unkempt, can lower the property value of the entire neighborhood.

The Eastlake Homeowner's Association does not resolve domestic disputes or disagreements between neighbors.It is not a substitute for Police or other Law Enforcement and does not offer security services.

Question: Whats the cost?
Answer: Four hundred dollars per year.

Question: What does that do for me?
Answer: It maintains trees, watering, fertilizing, mowing all green areas (entire walking track), all flower beds, changing of the season colors. Maintains the water fountain and waterfall.

Question: Is that all?
Answer: No, the most important is it has restrictions on size of homes that can be built, including the roof elevation, so that Eastlake stays uniformed, which makes the neighborhood more appealing and keeps home values up for home buyer protection.

Question: What are the Declaration Of Conditions, Covenants And Restrictions?
Answer: Click here to view the Declaration Of Conditions, Covenants And Restrictions for the Eastlake Addition.

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